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Schwarzer: Go Down Under to Go Under? No Ta!

August 10th, 2011

Fulham no 1 Mark Schwarzer has said that returning to Australia is never going to be a career option.

The 38 year old has ruled out playing in the A-League after seeing the failures of returning Australia internationals in the past.

The goalkeeper cites the example of John Aloisi who endured a difficult time at Sydney FC after returning to Australia following a long European career.

“I have seen too many players go back home and it has not worked out,” Schwarzer told Football+ magazine.

“The biggest example is John Aloisi, and how he was treated so badly by people. You are up there to be shot down very, very quickly.

“I don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to do that to me.”

The former Marconi goalkeeper also said the standard of the A-League was a “step down” from Europe.

“The truth is returning from Europe it is a step down, and I don’t want to be in that situation,” Schwarzer said.

The Australian also said he remains focused on playing at the 2014 World Cup, despite the fact he will be 41 by the time the Brazil tournament comes around.

“There’s no easing up, no way, forget about it. I’m sticking around for a while yet,” he said. “What motivates me is the 2014 World Cup. I want to play in it – that’s my dream.

“I will be 41, so I think I can make it happen. I am fully determined to keep playing and get there.

“All the conversations I have had with the national coach so far indicate he wants me fully involved and to continue to play.”

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