Salvatore Sirigu

3 goalkeepers who could replace Buffon

When you think of Italy, you think of Gianluigi Buffon - the nation’s stalwart who has deputized the Italian goal for over 12 years now. However, despite his wishes to play in another World Cup, it’s highly likely that the Juventus goalkeeper will be

Guillermo Ochoa

2 GKs LFC should sign

Given Liverpool’s problems at the back, Simon Mignolet’s concerning performances and high profile mistakes, it’s no wonder that Brendan Rodgers’ side have been linked with many goalkeepers over the past few weeks. The January transfer window is

Joe Hart

Five of the most in-form goalkeepers in the Premier League

5. Joe Hart After some inconsistent performances on a personal level along with his club’s dodgy form earlier this season, Joe Hart is finally showing some of his best form. With two goals conceded in his last league games, the English

Pepe Reina

3 Best backup goalkeepers

With the abundance of top flight fixtures - with some teams playing over 60 games a season - the role and importance of the backup goalkeeper is getting bigger and bigger. No longer do they just play in meaningless friendlies or only when the


The Genius of Gigi

In the 2011 indie film “Win Win,” a nebbish wrestling coach played by Paul Giamatti asks his star athlete what it’s like to be so good. “I guess it just feels like I’m in control,” he answers. Giamatti nods and wistfully says, “That must be

goalkeeper training

The importance of goalkeeper training

The weather has not yet appreciably warmed in New York, but we are in full swing after the mid-winter break. Running goalkeeper sessions on windy, zero-degree nights with keepers of all ages and abilities has revealed a very telling pattern: the best